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At Dilapsolutions we are the only dilapidations consultancy achieving optimum results for both landlord and tenant clients in negotiating dilaps UK-wide, by uniquely providing the input of both the chartered building surveyor and the chartered valuation surveyor (Valuer). The building surveyor’s role is to identify disrepair etc and price remedies.The Valuer’s expertise is required in addition,to advise if you are affected by the legal provision that dilapidations damages should be the lower of the Cost of the Remedial Works, OR the effect (if any) the breaches have on the property’s value.

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Often the impact on the property’s value is far less than the total cost of all the remedial works. For most second hand properties,there is a point in objectively targeted expenditure beyond which spending can continue in pursuit of perfection,but no more will be added to, or recovered in, the property’s value. The law of diminishing returns invariably applies.Hence why the legal “cap” on damages.Whilst this might seem to favour tenants,there are situations where a landlord will also benefit from the Valuer’s input in providing a Diminution Valuation. This could be to rebut a deliberately low opportunistic one prepared for a former tenant;or if as owner,you do not plan to do all (or most) of the remedial works upon which your damages claim is based,then the Dilapidations Protocol (para 9.4) requires that you must instead provide a Diminution Valuation in support.

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At Dilapsolutions, we provide a number of tailored services that provide support throughout all of the processes involved during Dilapidations. Regardless of whether you are a tenant or landlord, we have the acme of experts ready to provide qualified and knowledgeable advice and representation to secure an ideal outcome.

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When a commercial lease ends, there are always breaches of the clauses to repair, decorate and reinstate alterations to some extent. We will make sure you achieve the best outcome from your perspective.

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There are two distinct kinds of chartered surveyor required for the dilapidations procedure. We are the only firm in the UK and Ireland to offer both chartered building and valuation surveyors.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dilapidations cases rarely go to court. However, ADR might be required in the rare event that traditional negotiations fail. Our chartered surveyors and arbitrators, Registered Valuers, and Accredited Mediators will secure the best result for you.

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Expert Personnel

We are the only dilapidations consultancy in the United Kingdom & Ireland that provides both specialisms of chartered surveyor (“building” and “valuation”) required to ensure the optimum outcome for you.

Comprehensive Service

Navigating dilapidations disputes can be complex and stressful, with the risk of inaccurate settlements. We represent both landlords and tenants, assuring you of the best achievable outcome.

Cost-Effective Results

If you fail to engage the services of both the chartered building surveyor and the chartered valuation surveyor, you risk significantly disadvantaging yourself in the figure you settle at.

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Dilapsolutions is the only dilapidations consultancy in the United Kingdom & Ireland which provides both specialisms of chartered surveyor required to ensure optimum outcome for you in a commercial property dilapidations dispute. We advise and represent through conscientious, astute and unrivalled experience, for both landlords and tenants.

Whether you need a chartered building surveyor to identify any necessary reparations along with the associated costs to remedy, or a chartered valuation surveyor to calculate the impact, if any, that these breaches have had on the value of the property, look no further than Dilapsolutions. Our talented personnel will ensure that you have access to all of the help and guidance you need at every stage of the dilapidations process.

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