Dilapidations advice on commercial & leisure properties UK wide & Ireland.

Landlord, or tenant, our network of class leading chartered surveyors in both the distinct disciplines required in dilapidations – two for the price of one – gives you the unique assurance of a stress-free path to optimum outcome.





Why Choose Us?

Expert Personnel

We are the only dilapidations consultancy in the UK & Ireland that provides both specialisms of chartered surveyor (‘building’ and ‘valuation’) required to ensure the optimum outcome

Comprehensive Service

Navigating dilapidations disputes can be complex and stressful, with the risk of inaccurate settlements. We represent both landlords and tenants, assuring you of the best achievable result.


If you fail to engage the services of both the chartered building surveyor and the chartered valuation surveyor, you risk significantly disadvantaging yourself in the figure you settle at. We provide both for the price of one.

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About Us

Dilapidations is the term given to breaches of lease covenants, usually relating to the condition of the property, either during the term of a tenancy or at lease expiry.

We are the only dilapidations consultancy achieving optimum results for both landlord and tenant clients in negotiating dilaps UK-wide, by uniquely providing the input of both a chartered building surveyor and a chartered valuation surveyor

Our Chartered Building Surveyors identify disrepair and prices remedies.

Our Chartered Valuation Surveyors  advise if you are affected by the legal provision that dilapidations damages are capped at the lower of the Cost of the Remedial Works OR the impact (if any) on the property’s value. Often this is FAR LESS, so the Valuation Surveyor’s input is crucial.