Tenant Lease Advice

We provide the full spectrum of leasehold advisory services to both landlords and tenants of all commercial property types, throughout the whole of the United Kingdom & Ireland.

Our sister consultancies specialise in navigating to best outcome in matters including agency (sales, lettings and acquisitions), rent reviews, lease renewals, arbitration, valuations, rating, lease regears, investment strategy and property management.

In dilapidations, we are a unique consultancy in providing both disciplines of chartered surveyor. Each are crucial to offering sound and informed tenant lease advice while ensuring the best outcome in dilapidations negotiations and securing both landlord and tenant rights.

First, the chartered building surveyor, who assesses the cost of required remedial works. Secondly, the chartered valuation surveyor, whose expertise is in valuing the property and determining whether the ‘statutory cap’ applies.

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Schedule of Condition

It has become common in recent years for tenants taking on new leases of properties for the first time to seek tenant lease advice in order to limit their exposure to a significant dilapidations claim when that lease eventually expires.

The best way of securing this protection is by having a Schedule of Condition attached to the lease. This should be a thoroughly descriptive report referencing detailed photographs which combine to record the precise condition at the start of the tenancy.

The repairing (and decorating) covenants then make it clear that the tenant is obliged to maintain the property in no better (or worse) condition than at commencement.

Our chartered building surveyors’ network will prepare this for you, on any property type, anywhere in the UK & Ireland. Then, come lease-end, negotiate the dilapidations claim to reflect only true and actual deterioration from the recorded state at commencement.

Terminal Dilapidations

Our network of chartered building surveyors will offer tenant lease advice on pre-dilapidations assessments, commonly at least a year pre-expiry (break date), to assist in budgeting.

They will then negotiate to a minimum possible Cost of Works assessment so as to then enable our chartered valuation surveyors (valuers) to assess to what extent the statutory cap applies.

This cap limits the quantification of loss to the lower of the Cost of Works, or the impact (if any) on freehold value.

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Other Commercial Property Matters Arising

Our chartered surveyors with Dilapsolutions and our other niche sister brands within this privately-owned group advise on all aspects of commercial property occupation and ownership, including:

  •         Rent Reviews
  •         Lease Renewals
  •         Lease Regears
  •         Agency – Acquisitions & Disposals
  •         Due Diligence
  •         Valuations
  •         Compulsory Purchase
  •         Property Management

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Whether knowingly or unknowingly, landlords often infringe on tenant rights. Without proper protection, you may find yourself being forced to part with money that you aren’t liable to pay.

Our qualified chartered surveyors will provide sound, knowledgeable, and reliable tenant lease advice along with vital services which will safeguard you against bloated and unnecessary repair, redecorations, and reinstatement charges.

We are unique in the fact that we offer both types of chartered surveyor required for comprehensive tenant dilapidations service.

For more information on how we can make your leasing experience as smooth and predictable as possible while protecting your tenant rights, give us a call today on 0330 094 5446.